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Dear thispleasessenpai,

It’s a timeless romance about a young woman whose graceful figure and beautiful singing voice make her an object of desire for a mysterious stranger. Sadly, her heart belongs to another and she must choo-

Wait, isn’t that the one about the creepy guy in the…

…. Time to vent on tumblr again.

Getting sick of certain people, and some people are just beginning to annoy me. Im in a happy place though, I noticed I haven’t been depressed in over a month at all, and thats a big improvement for me. Like…ive never been not depressed for that long so its a big record for me. I may have lost a few friends this semester too…but honestly I’ve made such wonderful new friends that its no longer an issue now. The friends I’ve made this semester and the ones I have currently are ALWAYS there for me and make a great effort to see me happy. I literally cannot stay sad in their presence. I was at one of my darkest moments about a month ago, and my friends dragged me right out of that hel with guns blazing. I nearly committed suicide I think, because I had shut myself out from EVERYONE for a couple of days. And my friends were scared…and forced me into happiness. I CANNOT thank them enough. I’ve learned to cut out people who stress me out and/or dont care enough about me out of my life. Spending effort on those who dont spend it on you is such a sad and depressing endeavor.

And also my video game friends…I can never thank them enough. Sheena from ToS…the Scions from Final Fantasy 14. Friends you make in the world of video games last a lifetime.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn gets PlayStation 4 launch trailer

The PS4 edition boasts enhanced visuals, Remote Play, mouse and keyboard support as well as DualShock 4 touchpad controls.

View the PS4 launch trailer here.

You have to let me teach you stuff on PK okay? :D



Lol Im not as weak as I used to be I hope you know that ;P. I’ve learned how to combo!

But have you learned to destroy an entire hp bar with one combo? ;3

I managed to take out 3/4 of one today with my TT :P


when ships you dislike appear in your OTP’s tag. 


when ships you dislike appear in your OTP’s tag. 


I can’t choose a favorite

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they’re multiplying.

this is ffxiv today


GPOY as a chicken.

I couldn’t stop laughing at this. It was the most beautiful thing ever xD.

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Guys who try to use the “Are you on your period?” as way to end an argument always amuse me. Because it gives me the excuse to lean in close and whisper.

“I started my day by waking up in a pool of my own blood. Is that how you’d like me to end yours?”

omfg this is great

New favorite comeback.



Perfect gif to describe the reaction

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